Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

We love helping brands & organizations develop data-driven marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness, sales, or fundraising.

Don't understand how to maximize ROI on sales & marketing?

Zii3 Strategy Will Help You To:

Help you set realistic business goals

Implement data-driver market research

Profile your potential customers & competitors

The Zii3 networks offers a wealth of
domestic and international
consulting experience in both
for-profit and nonprofit sectors

Succeed with experience

A proven network of strategic, creative and fun loving professions
are excited to engage with your team!

Creative and highly adaptive
"Chip's attention to detail, margins, direct and indirect costs, and pricing help ensure all critical success elements are addressed. He is creative and highly adaptive in his approach, but builds from the detail to ensure the strategic elements are firmly grounded."

Executive Management & Advisory Services, Managing Director

Innovation and results
"Chip has a good feel for strategic marketing. I've worked with him on several engagements in the fitness and sporting goods category. He approaches the marketing challenge with an eye toward innovation and results. He has always encouraged us to do our best work without limiting creativity."

Partner, NONBOX

Attention to detail and 'can-do' attitude
"I have worked with Chip Zielke for over 15 years. He understands how to build a coherent business plan for the US domestic market and integrate it with international manufacturers and distributors. His attention to detail and can-do attitude have always been vital assets."

Skyline Exhibits, President

Skyline Exhibits
Uniquely qualified
"I've worked with Chip for 15 years. We have completed licensing projects with brands and managed sponsorships and events with national gaming destinations and TV networks. Chip is uniquely qualified to offer the necessary innovation, strategy, and implementation to help them grow and prosper."

The Birch Hill Group, President

The Birch Hill Group
"I have worked with Chip on international multilingual digital marketing campaigns. He is strategic in devising a marketing plan. Whether leading or part of the team, he is collaborative, positive, and supportive. He is open-minded and laser-focused on any project's goals and objectives."

CEO and Owner, talkStrategy

Great leader, open minded and easy to work with.
“I can honestly say Chip Zielke is one of the most professional people in the industry. He understands the product development process from concept through production in most industries. He is experienced in the sporting goods and fitness industry as well.”

Cesaroni Design Associates, President

Cesaroni Design Associates

Markets Zii3 Works With

Christian Ministries & Organizations

Zii3 has a proven track record helping Christian ministries to improve awareness, engagement, and fundraising to achieve organizational goals.

Christian Churches

Zii3 assists churches with strategic initiatives, ministry engagement, marketing, training, and events


For over 15 years, Zii3 has assisted small and mid-sized businesses with strategy, marketing, sales, events, operations, product development and sourcing.

The Zii3 networks offers a wealth of
domestic and international
consulting experience in both
for-profit and nonprofit sectors

Achieve Objectives and Key Results
Improve Conversion Rate & Metrics
Define Strategic Plan & Roadmap
Locate providers and partners to meet goals

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Most Common Questions

What industries or businesses do you specialize in?

Zii3 specializes in helping businesses in the following industries:

  • Fitness & sporting goods
  • Sports activities & entertainment
  • Retail
What kind of background and experience does your business consulting firm have?

Established in 2007, Zii3 brings 15+ years of domestic and international midsize firms and startup organizations consulting experience in both the for-profit and nonprofit marketplace.

Learn more about Zii3 foundation & values.

What are the terms of working with a Zii3 consultancy?

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